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Edison Tax Group LLC is an accounting firm in NJ. It provides outstanding accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services not only in New Jersey but all over the United States and abroad. We are a resolute team of accountants, business mentors, and tax advisors aspiring to give your business the stability it needs. Our comprehensive services include bookkeeping, payroll assistance, preparation of balance sheets, creation of income statements, QuickBooks support, etc. We look forward to providing your business the attention it deserves.

Most Comprehensive Accounting Services in NJ- New Jersey

Edison Tax Group, LLC offers a wide range of accounting services that are aimed at the success of your business. Our services are custom-made for self-employed professionals and also large corporations. Having provided accounting services in NJ for many years, we offer unparalleled experience and know-how of these complicated and ever-changing rules. Our best accounting services include but are not limited to

  • Bookkeeping

    As a business owner, you shouldn’t be working on the cost center of your business such as managing your books, marketing, HR, or any other. You should be focusing on growing your business. We realize that bookkeeping might not be the most interesting task of your day, yet it is an important task that needs to be completed properly. We have dedicated and experienced bookkeepers who will ensure proper books and records are maintained. Our error-free bookkeeping services will not only assist you in tax preparation but will give you financial insights to make informed decisions.

  • QuickBooks

    In this day and age, we see more and more businesses relying on technology to reduce time and cost by increasing productivity. Any business that is not utilizing technology is creating a potential downfall for its business.  QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software among small and mid-sized businesses that eases accounting tasks through unmatched technology. We understand all this and therefore offer QuickBooks support so you can march along with the ever-changing world. We have helped many clients transition from paper to QuickBooks workflow and they are loving it.
  • Tax Audit

    Now and then your business might receive a tax notice from the IRS or the state taxing authorities notifying you that they are looking to audit your tax returns. This is more common than some might think. At Edison Tax Group we have some of the most reliable and trusted Tax Practitioners with years of tax audit experience handling tax audits your business might be facing. We communicate with the auditor and negotiate the best possible outcome for our clients.
  • Financial Statements
    Financial statements are extremely important for any business and helpful while running your business. We don’t issue audited financial statements, reviews, or compilations. We have the expertise to prepare unaudited financial statements for your business. We strive to create financial reports that you can use to make decisions, attract potential investors, and most importantly present before the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Financial Insights

    Edison Tax Group comprises of analytical and genius minds that are capable of observing every detail of your financial reports, understanding them, and advising you to make informed decisions. We not only provide you with valuable data and numbers but also conveniently present them so you can multiply your profits and grow your organization.

  • Payroll
    Paying your employees on time is a moral and legal responsibility but on the other hand, it requires extensive management and filing. Therefore, Edison Tax Group, LLC offers great payroll services to cut down your duties so you can focus on expanding your business while we manage your payroll.
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Knowledgeable Team

  • At Edison Tax Group, we aim to reduce your taxation concerns so you can focus on your business. We provide complete and dependable services that not only help you in tax preparation but guide you throughout the whole process.

Knowledgeable Team

  • Our team consists of talented individuals with supreme knowledge in their respective domains. They have a deep understanding of their work and can use it for the success of your business.

Customized for Your Business

  • Edison Tax Group, LLC offers wide-ranging accounting and tax services in NJ tailored to fit your organization’s needs. We do our best to understand your requirements and provide customized service.

Services for SMEs and Conglomerates

  • We have vast experience of dealing with numerous small companies as well as large multi-leveled organizations. For many years, we have helped start-ups to grow, expand their operations and ultimately become market leaders. We have also teamed up with huge companies to solve their complex accounting and tax issues and paved the way to reach their pinnacle. So, whether you are a budding business or an established one, we can definitely facilitate you in some way.

Guidance to Your Staff

  • We work closely with the members from your organization which not only helps to reach the goals in no time but also provides a precious opportunity to your staff to learn from the experienced officers so they can incorporate these valuable lessons in their daily work.

Reasonable Rates

  • We know that getting accounting and tax services is important but costly therefore we design our packages to give you most in the least rates as we believe in the idea of making these facilities available to all.

Secrecy of Information

  • Edison Tax Group works with high moral, ethical and business values and protecting the information of our valued clients is one of them. Our line of work requires us to know your sensitive facts and figures but as a professional unit, we make sure not to disclose them to anyone.

Ever-growing Family

  • Currently, we have more than 500 satisfied clients excelling in their businesses. Do not miss the chance to be a part of this community.