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As a trusted and reputed provider of tax services in NJ-New Jersey, Edison Tax Group, LLC provides far-ranging tax services including tax compliance, planning, sales tax services, representation at the IRS and state audits and tax preparation services in NJ. With the help of our experienced tax practitioners, your complex business woes are sure to be fixed by us. We offer a broad range of services so you can conduct your business while we handle your taxation.

Best Tax service in new jersey

Our Mission

Our mission is to team up and help our clients grow their business by guiding them with our expertise and insightful advice to achieve their goals. Our clients see us as a valued asset and partners in their business.

Exhaustive Tax Services in NJ

Whether you’re a self-employed individual or an SME, we are here to assist you in all your tax quandaries. Our services are customized to meet your necessities and help you build a rewarding business. Our problem-solving team manages your taxes and documentation while your enterprise grows. Our services include but are not limited to:

Individual Income Tax Compliance and Planning

As a self-employed individual, you definitely need a helping hand for the complex tax system and we truly realize this. In addition to tax preparation services, we also offer other tailored tax solutions for you which not only handle taxes but gives you peace of mind.

IRS Representation

We know how distressing receiving a notice from IRS can be, but no need to worry. Our enrolled agent will appear before the Internal Revenue Service or in-state audits on your behalf and will surely clear all their queries. So you can focus more on business rather than clarifying.

Federal and State Tax Credits Planning

In such a complex tax system, getting those delightful credits can be a challenge for you but our team can point all the deductions and credits out. With our thorough tax planning, we integrate with you to spot your tax deductions and credits even in peculiar conditions.

Sales Tax Services

Not sure whether your products are subject to sales tax? Or how will they be taxed? Sales tax varies a lot depending on states so to solve your complications Edison Tax Group provides complete sales tax services in New Jersey.

Tax Preparation Services

Edison tax groups finest services include tax preparation, tax consultancy in NJ. We enhance all your tax planning and preparation with the expertise of our team. We work out in-depth strategies to save your tax while keeping you in compliance with the laws.

Corporate and Partnership Tax Compliance and Planning

Corporations and partnerships are often challenged to cope with the ever-changing tax necessities. Our experts work with the firms to identify areas of risk, alleviate financial statements and tax compliance coverage. Our expertise, efficiency, and comprehensive service ease the taxation concerns of your company.

Business Automation, Accounting Software Implementation

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is becoming an obligation for businesses to prosper. Understanding this, we offer business automation services, accounting software selection and implementation.

Business Structure, Entity and Strategy Consultation

Selecting the right entity for your business is the first step towards a profitable company. Our skilled experts are keen to help you in choosing the most suitable entity, structure and strategy for your business.

Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounting Assistance

Managing books and payroll can be hectic so Edison Tax Group gives you the best services to assist you with your accounting chores.

Best tax service in edison nj


Relax Without the Worries of Tax

At Edison Tax Group, we aim to reduce your taxation concerns so you can focus on your business. We provide complete and dependable services that not only help you in tax preparation but guide you throughout the whole process.

Get Trustworthy and Reliable Services

Considering the importance of your business, we cater to the most reliable and best tax services in NJ. Our experienced and friendly experts are determined to understand and sort out your tax sophistication. Your business is sure to flourish under our expertise and insights.

Benefit from Encyclopedic Knowledge

Our experts are an authority on their subjects and are eager to utilize their skills for the development of your business. We deliver deep knowledge of tax and apply it practically to facilitate you.

Avail the Best Rates

While helping you with taxes, we don’t want to burden your budgets. You do not need to pay hefty amounts for as our rates are the most competitive ones in the market.

Let Your Information Be Secure

We  guarantees the complete security and confidentiality of your information. We value and protect your privacy and ensure that your documents are safe with us.

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